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Date:   4/29/2010 11:44:14 PM ( 11 y ago)

Day 8 April 29th Friday - I'm still not sure what I should be writing in this "abstract" box down below. On with it: Back hurt until I Fell into that cool sleep again last night around midnite. Sorta heard Mike get home from work at 2:30 am, but unlike before the fast, I stayed asleep. Before, I'd either still be up, or I'd wake up and then have some wine with him(!! That seems really wrong now..hehe..). Woke up this morning around 6:30. 6 hrs sleep, par for the course but I felt fine. The sleep I'm getting is much better. I also felt like I would NOT be moving my bowels today so I decided to do the DREADED Salt Water Flush (gulp!). I've been peeing tons but nada on the other number. At around 8 I mixed up the 2 teaspoons of Himalayan Sea Salt into a litre jug. I forced 1/2 of it down. GOD! It's as awful as i remembered. Worse even..if that's possible. You have to not think about it or you just want to barf. Anyway within FIVE minutes my stomach was gurgling and churning wildly (no pain) and I had to go. Wow. It's never worked that fast for me. I went back and drank almost all the rest, then laid on my right side so it could get into the small intestine. Over the next hour it went from liquidy poop to "butt pee". I can't say I felt any better after. What's up with that? Maybe there's lots more in there. Ugh..Glad I did it though. This is absurd but I wanted to do it before the weigh in at the Drs tomorrow. Pathetic!

Feeling REALLY BLAH. Not hungry but want to eat. I can't get over this feeling of not being hungry. You folks out there who don't think it could happen to you - think again! it will. I never believed it could happen to me either. Around 10 I made an orange grapefruit. It was too tart so I made popsicles with it. We'll see how they turn out. We were so bored we decided to go to target to get a scale. Well..actually I decided. Mike just came along. It's not as fun reading these for inspiration when you dont see the weight reduction right there in black and white. Anyway the trip was a bust because all these digital scales suck! I got on one and it read 148.2 (I began this EIGHT DAYS AGO at 150!!) I got on it a few times and it was consisitent. Mike got on it 4 times and it gave 2 different reading 5 lbs apart. I got on another of a diferent brand and it showed me at 140 lbs!! (Well I sure liked that one) I've no idea what I've lost but less than 2 lbs seems really uh not right and just the way I feel I don't think I lost 10 lbs either. Tomorrow at the Drs will tell. In conclusion, no scale buying. Which leads me to another thing- I wouldn't be too shocked if I did lose less than 2 lbs in 8 days on a few glasses of juice a day and nothing else because I DON'T EXERCISE AT ALL. hell I pretty much just sit around ALL day long. I have no motivation to exercise. @ years ago when I was working and running my ranch and building our home I somehow made it to the gym 3 or 4 x a week to work out HARD for an hr each time. After selling the ranch and business I just quit the gym and do nothing. I'm so unmotivated to work out and now i have all this time. The last 30 day Master Cleanse gave me loads of energy. I'm not feeling it on this juice fast..yet.. Even if I did only lose 2 lbs I'm not discouaged. And I'm not quitting..though things may change if I get bad news at the Drs tomorrow. We'll see..

Later: it's around 9:30. My friend just left. While she was here she drank a 6-pack of beer and chained smoked cigarettes. My throat and nasal passages are killin me now. AARGGH. I was actually ok not drinking. And that's what we do together. The only other time we've hung out and I didn't drink was my last fast a year and a half ago. Hmmm..better face up to that one. She's goin to hit the bars and i sure don't miss that. Glad I have an excuse not to go. I juiced a 1/4 Honeydew melon(w/the rind) and an apple. It was good and I realize I've been making my juices too large. I think I do it because the juicer is such an ordeal to clean you know? But I'd much prefer having smaller amounts more often. I notice no one does that. Is it because your system needs rest between juice? I dunno. Anyway, having a bowl of broth, watchin a movie (Walking and Talking-seen it before-like it) then goin to bed. Post here tomorrow after the Drs. Happy Juicing everyone!


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