day three by yukale .....

day three of 21 day water fast.

Date:   4/8/2010 11:21:27 PM ( 12 y ago)

hello my name is yukale and I am on day three of my fast. I have done a three day short fast before. I would like to embark on a 21 day water fast. I came to this decision be cause i overeat and my body feels gross. i am always tired and never have energy. i am 5'7" 166 lbs. Day one I was 172. I started day one good only to not be able to get throughthe day so i made an iced coffee withno cream and two splenda. day two i felt so bad about the coffee so i vowed not to drink coffee. I am a starbucks addict. lol i am a nursing student and I have two children and also a single mom sooo i need starbucks. today I had clinicals it went fairly well except certain times of the day i felt kinda sick. i still have not had a bm but maybe in a couple of days. i have not incorporated or came up with any excercise plan. My goal is to be candida free, weight of 145 and get my energy and drive back. I have been stuffing myself with cupcakes for too again here are my stats
starting weight: 172
Goal weight: 145
current weight: 166
so thats 6 lbs so far. anyone care to join me just please do. good night all


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