Day 6 of my water fast by peaches369 .....

Day 6 of water fast

Date:   3/5/2010 10:24:56 PM ( 13 y ago)

Hello everyone!!! sorry i didn't get a chance to post my weight this morning but i totally forgot i had to go with my daughter on a field trip today they got to go to the baltimore aquarium it was very nice and after we got home we ended up going to see alice in wonderland the movie was very good everyone should go see it. I finally got home about 9:30 and got the kids ready for bed. I didn't get on the scale tonight because i drank a lot of water today and i like to get on the scale first thing in the morning. But i did get a chance to do my sea salt flush about 10 o' clock and believe me it really works 15 min later i was in the bath room. So if you decide to try it take my advice say near a bathroom.....L.O.L. The sea salt and water tasted nasty but it works really good what ever was lefted in my colon is gone now. I will do another sea salt flush in a couple of days just to be sure. well i will be making another post on monday because i will be going to my moms house for the weekend and she does not have a computer she is still living in the stone age.......L.O.L. Will i am very sleep and i will post again monday i hope everyone have a great weekend. Goodnight all.


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