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Date:   2/1/2010 9:28:05 AM ( 13 y ago)

Well hello there, im 'john doe' for the next seven days.
I will be attempting to forsake food for one week. The main drive for doing this fast is weight loss, im not going to lie and say its good for ones health because prolonged starvation isnt but for one week it wont do much harm. My weight at the moment is 14.8 and im 6,2. I start in the British Army in 3 weeks and have been participating in lots of exercise but i just dont seem to able to help myself when it comes to treats around christmas time and im paying for it now. My clear target weight for after the fast is just under 14st. I have a big muscular build but as said before Xmas has damaged my physique a little.

Now you have heard the reasons, lets get started!

Fast, Day 1:

Today is the 1st of February, as i type this the time is 15:21 and i have not eaten since last night. In my experience and from my research the first few days are the hardest but today is more a matter of mind because i cant imagine my body is, realisticaly 'starving' for food just yet. I will be doing my normal 4mile run later on but one imagines that will become increasingly difficult as the week progresses.

Thats all from me today, cheerio fellow Bloggers.


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