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Elevated mood gave me more energy than I usually have when I am depressed despite fasting for 2 1/2 days. Less aches and pains. It feels great to be detoxing. Created more definite fasting plan--extended to 29 days. I have 42 symptoms of Pyroluria.

Date:   1/31/2010 9:51:11 PM ( 11 y ago)

energy: My mood has been quite high today as evidenced by good energy despite very sobering fasting effects. By good energy I mean I was able to get around and do relatively quite a few things today in the house--let's just say I had much more energy and motivation than I do during a depressive episode and that's after 2 1/2 days of mostly water, some juice fasting.

physical sensations: In the morning I had lots of cognitive energy--meaning I got a lot done on the computer, a sign of an elevated mood state. I then crashed hard at 4:00--definitely not a bipolar crash. It was a fasting crash that I describe below. I compare it to a phase of a dishwasher cycle; my body is going through it's self-cleaning stages. My body is very heavy, like an anchor on the bottom of the ocean. It is very hard for me to hold heavy things, so I know I am weak. But I have less aches and pains than I had yesterday. I have so far experienced very little hunger since I started this fast. No bm today.

signs of healing: a very bad bruise that I got about 5 days ago on the top of my hand has accelerated in healing in the last day. The rate of healing definately sped up.

At 4:00 I went into a deep state. It felt like what I imagine hibernation would feel like. It became very hard for me to move and I became very sleepy. I curled up on the couch, very still, and let my body be very very still the way it wanted to be. I felt like I really understood what a bear feels like in his cave in the winter. My heart rate and my breathing were (and still are at 5:00) very slow. Time is moving very slowly. I have had very positive and non-judgmental thoughts in the last hour. I just want to be kind to everyone. The wind blows through the palm trees very slowly. My bipolar mood is up, of course. I am concerned about what's going to happen to me and my ability to function when my mood goes down seeing as my ability to function is so limited now. I am very careful when I hold a 16 oz glass full of water. My muscles are weak and I am so spacey that I am afraid I am going to drop it.

I came up with a fast plan. I've decided to extend it to 29 days. I read some on the benefits of combining a juice fast with a water fast. Basically I get the benefits of a water fast but I can extend it longer than I would by incorporating just juice days especially at the beginning and the end. Because of this extension, I thought it would be wise to eat a few small meals today and tomorrow to ease my body into a 29 day mixed fast. They were so small that they didn't cut the detox effects much. I had 1 avocado, 1/4 grapefruit and 1 1/2 cookies I made from the post-juicing veggie fiber.

One very important thing I discovered today is that I very likely have Pyroluria. I researched many symptoms of it and I have 42!, bipolar disorder, and other psychological disorders I have, being just a few of them. A lot of people on curezone are aware of pyroluria, but so many people with psychiatric problems are not. Most. It is said to be the cause of psychiatric symptoms in 20% of those who suffer from them.


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