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Note on Vodka for Tincture making

Date:   1/26/2010 11:33:37 AM ( 12 y ago)

A couple of quick notes on the type of Vodka that is best used:
Even the cheapest Vodka is double distilled and can be used to make tincture. However this tincture can not be early decanted and needs a minimum 14 days, 28 days is better for the toxins to be absorbed by the plant material.
This will give the strongest extraction because the toxins left by only distilling twice extract more from the plants.
Similar to aging Whiskey in a barrel where these toxins penetrate the wood and extract flavor from it.

Next step up is distilled twice and carbon filtered, this should not be used for extraction.

Next up the ladder is Triple Distilled; this is a happy medium and can be used for both full extraction and early decanting.

Multiple distillations like “Absolute” does not extract enough from the plant material since it is nearly toxin free...


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