Day 8 by LeannaM .....

I made it a full week!

Date:   1/22/2010 8:14:11 AM ( 11 y ago)

Day 8 - I survived one week!!! yah!! I stood on the scale this morning and my weight loss total for this week in 9 lbs. Only one more lb in the last 3 days... guess my body is just adjusting.

So my dad looks at my mom last night and said - you know - bunnies only eat veggies and I have seen some really chubby bunnies! lol Good support system! lol

On that note - I told my husband last night it would be nice to have a little support - you know like "I am proud of you" or Congrats .. just something from him knowing how hard this has been for me. So the smart a** that he is - he starts doing a cheer in the kitchen going "go you - go you" UGH... men!!!

I turned on the TV this morning and the power juicer was on TV. The Jack Lalanne. He (Jack) looks good for his age... how old is he now?? If juicing helps you live that long - then it is definitely worth it!

I am sleeping well - but woke up hearing weird things about 4 this morning. Not sure if I was dreaming or not - my dreams are so vivid this week. But went back to sleep in about 30 minutes or so. Dragging a bit this morning though.
Weekends are hard - so this one will be interesting :)


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