Day Thirty!!! by starbright41 .....

Day Thirty!!!

Date:   12/18/2009 5:54:05 AM ( 13 y ago)

I have finally reached day 30! and am another 1 lbs down bringing my weight to 11.03 (157 lbs) I feel quite proud of the fact that I have made it this far and cant believe that 4 weeks ago I was 12.08! I was going to treat myself to somthing nice to eat today before continuing (I will continue due to the days I lost when I was ill) but have quite an important meeting on Monday so would really like to lose a few more lbs before I go (would really like to break the 11 stone barrier) But its a little strange, as I know that if id had this meeting a month ago I would have been really self concious in regard to my weight. All in all I think I will carry on the fast up until christmas day and then decide to carry what to do after, Im not sure but I may bring the fast up until the new year or either go on to another form of low calorie diet, but I will keep an update of what I decide.

Will update again this evening!

Weight: 11.03 (157 lbs)


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