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End of Day 11

Date:   11/29/2009 9:41:12 PM ( 14 y ago)

I am at the end of day 11 and am about to go to bed, which I am quite glad about today, as I have been really tempted to eat :( (I think its because I let myself slip a few days ago) but ive wanted to eat, and my main issue is that I havent even felt hungry, just had the mental want of food :( (I almost poured myself a glass of wine today, and remembered just in time that I was on a fast, lol) and I dont think the fact that I know that I have a number of things that I have been putting off, that im gonna have to deal with tomorrow :( nothing bad (actually the major things I have to do are actually really good things that should benifit me greatly for many many years to come) but I dont know, they still leave me with a lump in my throat, which I think has made me feel more like eating.

But Im hoping that tomorrow will be better, especially once I have a lot of the above tasks out of the way.

Will check in, in the morning to let you know how im doing.


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