End of day 9 by starbright41 .....

End of day 9

Date:   11/27/2009 8:50:50 PM ( 14 y ago)

I have reached the end of day 9 and must admit that I cheated a little today :( as I had family down and couldnt resist the urge to pick (Which was bad considering the fact that I wasnt hungry :) but I didnt eat much maybe about 5 chips and a little meat, but considering I have lasted a whole 9 days, im not going to beat myself up to much (Lets call it a celebration break in honour of me lasting and of also losing 8 lbs :)

But I will definitely be back on track tomorrow :) as I have a goal that needs reaching :)

I have quite a busy day tomorrow which always helps :)

Will check in with my weight in the morning, (although im not very hopeful about loss tomorrow due to the fact that I ate today :( But we will see.


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