Day Five by starbright41 .....

Day Five

Date:   11/23/2009 5:31:21 AM ( 14 y ago)

Today is the day 5 and I am another 1lbs down :):):) Im very pleased and am glad that I am so close to the end of 1 week :)

To be honest I think the majority of my eating habits are a mental thing, as I cant beleive how easy i've found doing this (Although I dont want to talk too soon, lol) but apart from a few passing moments where I have felt a little hungry/weak, I feel just fine (maybe cause I've been quite busy, and in a generally good mood :)
But it has shown me that (for myself at least) its really important to ensure (even after a diet) that a person can change their mental attitude towards food, as I now know that a lot of the eating I was doing must have been due to some type of emotional want, as I have show that I didnt really need it as I have now gone so many days without it, and feel fine! So in my list of things to do to help maintain after my weight loss is to definitely work on my mental reactions to food which I feel may be the most important part of this process, as the only thing thats gonna make me regain the weight quickly is how I react mentally towards food after the fast (gonna try and put some definitive plans in place over the course of the week :)

Weight: 12.04 (171 lbs) 5 lbs lost in total :):):)


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