End of day 2 by starbright41 .....

End of day 2

Date:   11/20/2009 7:51:43 PM ( 14 y ago)

Got through day 2 :) well im not actually going to bed yet as I still have quite a few things to do :( but cant see myself eating before I hit the sack so figured it would be safe to post now :)

Again, I found today quite easy :) have had a bit on my mind today so in a odd sort of way have found that, that aspect has been quite a welcome distraction from food :) but then on the flip side, im a little stressed (good stressed, but still stressed :( but its kept my mind off of food which is great!!! and even better that I havent turned to food as a comfort!)

Again, im hoping that tomorrow will be the same (without the stress, lol) but we will see...

Will check in again in the morning.


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