Day 4 PM by stephd .....

This is me being tested, and passing!

Date:   9/17/2009 6:55:48 PM ( 13 y ago)

So it's still day four but now it's dinner time, which doesn't bother me, but I'm sitting in a PIZZA BUFFET restaurant, armed with juice and water; refraining from the greasy goodness 100%.
My boyfriend endured the first 3 day of the fast to show support, and was clear about having no plans to exceed 3 days or change his diet afterwards. All 3 days he complained of hunger and told me it was impossible to last 30 days!! I WILL PROVE HIM WRONG!!! This is just more motivation.
So I'm sitting here as he's on his 4th plate of food stacked to the ceiling, and I KNOW I CAN MAKE IT, but damn isn't it funny how addicted we are to food, and how our mind reacts to these chemical aromas!!


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