Lots of Carrot-Celery Juice This Week! by The Wanted .....

And I love to gently blend in some greens and spirulina!

Date:   7/15/2009 12:09:47 PM ( 13 y ago)

This week I am having a LOT of carrot juice. At one point I had the entire bottom drawer of my frig filled with carrots!

Am doing various combos of carrot-celery-and-one-apple

and carrot-celery-beet-and-one-apple

and sometimes just carrots or just carrots and an apple,

PLUS organic ginger when I have it and organic garlic. I don't know about ginger, but garlic is somewhat controversial. Some leading raw foodist gurus promote garlic all the way, such as David "Avocado" Wolfe and others; while some feel that the disadvantages of garlic outweigh the advantages, including Gabriel Cousens and the late physicist Robert C Beck, D.Sc. My guess is that garlic is GREAT for some people -- and not so great for others. My personal experience has been GREAT, so I'm going with the garlic. Living alone makes that easier too, haha. (smile)

And then I put the juice in a high-speed blender and blend with kale and/or spinach or other fresh leafy green at a high speed to liquefy the leafy greens. Then at the very end I add a tablespoon or organic spirulina, blending at the lowest speed, since the spirulina doesn't really required a heavy beating.

Everything organic or wildcrafted (i.e., harvested from the wild) as much as possible.

Was listening to a video of Dr. Cassar last night. I loved the way he characterized GMO foods with one word: STERILE.

Remember: You Are What You Eat! Sterile? Terrible idea for food...!!!



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