Day 4 by sfeliz001 .....

Day 4 a pretty good day, feels like my body is getting used to the cleanse routine, happy I've made it to day 4

Date:   6/20/2009 7:41:03 PM ( 14 y ago)

Feeling really good today. Still have a bit of a sore throat but I'm attributing that to smoking--I quit over a year ago but maybe this cleanse is moving some stuff out--who knows...

This morning I weighed in at 177.0 -- so I'm happy about that can't wait to be in the 160's

Yesterday was much harder than today has been so far.

I went to the gym and did about 47 minutes on the elliptical cardio machine.

I did a SWF (salt water flush) this morning and I also drank the laxative tea.

I also had some peppermint tea today.


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