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begin of juice fast

Date:   5/8/2009 2:15:43 AM ( 14 y ago)

Well, tomorrow is the big day! On the whole, I feel pretty well, although today I did note in myself symptoms of the usual "panic-before" feeling -- wanting to eat everything, even though I'm not at all hungry, because of the coming "deprivation"'s all psychological, but good to note. It's something that is a struggle during a fast -- to not focus on the things that you want to eat - to accept that they WILL be there when the fast is over.
So the plan is, 21 days juice, 7 days water, 21 days juice, 7 days water, 21 days juice, and then a tapering off into fresh/raw interspersed with juice. We'll see how it goes.
Important here are three things: Both to pay attention to my body and how I am feeling, but ALSO important -- to not let hunger or depression stop this fast, and last but NOT least -- thirdly -- to not let my weight fall under 105 lb, or 47 kilo (the lowest end of my recommended BMI, and a weight I haven't been under before). It's important to record this because it keeps the fast from being impetuous or miseducated.
Big weeks coming up!
I recommend the book "The Juice Fasting Bible" by Sandra Cabot, M.D. I have been reading it for juicing recipes/plans and it is EXCELLENT -- perhaps the most well informed, well laid out, clear cut and intelligently written book out there. It is, of course, extremely well backed up by the fact that the author is not only a naturopath but an MD. Discuss that as you will but it guarantees a very clear and good understanding of human physiology, etc. I'm going to be using a lot of her recipies to switch up the plain carrot-juice diet, and that's exciting!
Well, early to bed, early to rise -- and your girl goes out with other guys....Haha, sorry, I couldn't help it! Early to bed I must go, anyway, tomorrow's the big start.
Good luck all followers!


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