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28lbs 26 days no problem!

Date:   3/26/2009 9:18:37 PM ( 12 y ago)

I am now creating my blog this is more a journey for me to go back to see how i have come tothis point in my life and remember all the hard work that i am doing now so that i will never fall in this path again. Many believe that fasting is not the soultuion to weight loss, for me i believe that is no true. I am getting married on Aug 15 and will then be in domican republic for a week with my husband. So this is nothing hat i can ake my time with or put off. I did not weigh myself the first day of fasting but i weighed myself yester and was 255lbs and today i am 253. so that would bde good. My first fast is a long fast i am going to fast until April 19 my finace birthday and that is aslo when i going to the cake tasting. i will not over eat just taste. Then april 20th i will be right back to fasting. I am going to fast every 13 days. So fast 13 days eat fast 13 days eat etc... I will only eat green and lean fish spinach salad grilled chicken vegatables tukey. I will eat very fresh.No here is the plan there is 141 dayas until my wedding but i want to be a good size before i purchse my dress two weeks before. that makes 100lbs to lose that means i need to jump start my weight loss goal with this first fast.That why i am so motivated. i then will fast every 13 days with a weight loss goal of 10 lbs per fast. so that makes 13 fasts and 14 eating days. I will work around on motherday unavoidable and on easter and also on July 4th. Then some day in june i must go out with friends to spend a day int he city to get makeup and eat dinner and hang out so that i will have to factor in. I will also start running in may and start lifting weights in june.
First weigh in goal (i will weigh everyday but this a target goal) will be 225lbs. wish me luck and i will post evryday!Everynight i should say!
sorry for typos to tired to fix them!


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