1st Failed Attempt by PerezRebecca .....

It's thoughtful but please, don't bring junk food to share with the class.

Date:   3/24/2009 1:06:14 AM ( 12 y ago)

So early this morning I weighed myself at 134.8 lbs. By the way I'm 5'5 1/2".

I was doing fairly well but it was getting rough. Mondays I don't work but stay at home to do my homework before I get to my night class (I am a huge procrastinator!) and it was too tempting to eat when I was alone in the house. I packed a 16 oz bottle of MC but when I arrived to class a student bought doughnuts, bags of doritos, and goldfish crackers. Mondays are the toughest for me. Every class meet a student is assign to bring treats and it was so difficult to resist. I had one and a half doughnuts and many servings of doritos and goldfish. I caved in around 7pm. My fault entirely. I should have packed more MC. I'm starting again tomorrow.

I've decided to ditch the Smooth Move Tea entirely and to add 4 tablespoons of aloe vera in my last serving of MC juice. I mean really, why can't you take aloe vera? Is everyone jumping on the band wagon with the Smooth Move Tea?


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