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Date:   3/18/2009 6:30:03 PM ( 12 y ago)

Hey there! Here are a quick few facts about me for starters...
1) i am 18 years old
2) i've had psoriasis since i was about 7...a mild case.
3) i have hypothyroidism
4) this is my last year of high school...i'm trying to get ready for college life
5) i am 5 feet 3 inches tall
6) i weigh 153 pounds
7) i am a female...in case you haven't figured it out
8) my goal is to become a healthier person...and i'm hoping i will be able to reduce my psoriasis while i'm at it
9) i need all the support i can get so pleaseee comment and ask questions...help me out here! =]

OH..and i'm thinking about water fasting...not sure about it though...


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