Day 9 of my fast by Sacristia .....

Day 9 of my complete water fast. The days have been hard so I haven't posted. Detoxing and it is not a pleasant feeling right now. But I am still on it and going strong.

Date:   3/5/2009 4:23:24 PM ( 13 y ago)

I know I haven't posted much lately, but I am so very tired and I have been resting alot as well as trying to drink enough water because I am so very nauseous due to my high ketone level. It is horrible because detoxing to some point is moving and it will probably be in full swing by day 12, as it has been in the past for me.

I have noticed alot of changes. my feet are smaller and slimmer, so that my shoes are a bit big on my on. The rings on my fingers are much looser. It is those thing that always show themselves first during a water fast for me. My face is getting thinner, but doesn't have that hollow look in my cheeks which is good, because if I had them, people would start to wonder about me.

Clothing is fitting looser as I am wearing a size 6 pant and a medium sized shirt. The shirt doesn't fit differently quite yet, but I know I will have a change in my arms and legs so enough.

My midrift has smoothed out expect for the lumpy fat places on my tummy. LOL

I noticed last night I had three blemished on my shoulder as well as a couple on my back, which I wasn't happy to see the ones on my back so soon, as I hate that part of the detox. Ugh!

I have been drinking a lot of water, at least 40 or more ounces to keep flushing the ketones out of my system.

Tuesday I walked 3 miles on my lunch and it was great. I really enjoyed it as it was nippy out, but very sunny, so it made it pleasant to do. I noticed that my sense of smell is very acute and when I walked passed McDonalds I could smell fries and burgers, and when I walked past the pizza place, I could smell dough and peporoni and the cafe/resturant, I would smell steak and fries! Yum, that steak smelled soooooo good. But just the smell itself was a feast for me. Oh, yeah, I could smell the grease in the air at McDonalds. That was really weird.

I have been sleeping well for a change, but I have really been trying to sleep without my TV on at night, so I have been setting it on sleep so it goes off after and hour or two. I have noticed it doesn't take much for me to nap either, which I know it is because of my body working to refresh itself during this fast.

I took a hot shower this morning which felt good but I was a bit dizzy so I had to be careful, and I will take note to be careful about doing that again. I should know better since I do have expeirence with past fasts with having that problem. I am planning on doing some skin brushing tomight before I got to bed to help my skin.

Oh, my skin looks clearer, but it wasn't doing so badly before I started my fast. I know in time it will get more radiant, which I am very excited about.

About that faith issue. I haven't posted anything on my other website, but I have been following at home in my bible. My faith is trying to rebuild itself again, but it is hard. That I have experienced was a great loss and very heartbreak to me, so it really rocked my faith to the core, and I am cope and trying to put faith and my trust in God once again, no matter how frigthened I am to do so.

I have been clinging to the cross even in my confusion of everthing.

I have emersed myself in a local Bible study in a church that isn't my home church, as my home church has home bible study cells, and I haven't found anyone to be able to do that yet, and I really need some fellowship in that regard, so the church I have been going to for Bible study is on Saturdays and their service is too, so it is nice to get that on Saturdays and then on Sundays at my church. :o)

I have been doing well, but it has been up and down. I had a very rough night last night with crying and dealing with heart felt issues regarding the loss of my friendship with someone, as well as the battle that I have been having with my mother. But last night I prayed alot and give it to God and I was at peace and this morning has been very good. God is GREAT!

I hope everyone is doing well with their fasting and they keep it up. You can do it. Just take it one day at a time.

I will try to post more often then I have. It is just the detoxing feelings doesn't make me feel that great at the moment and all I want to do is rest and drink water. :o)

God bless you all


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