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A summary of Dr Joel Fuhrman's Voice of America Broadcast called "Preventing Sarcopenia: the Major Cause of Age-Related Disabilities". It is about osteoporosis and strength training, with guest Steve Reis of Santa Rosa Strength

Date:   3/3/2009 6:52:25 AM ( 12 y ago)

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Originally broadcast March 14th 2007

Note: Dr Fuhrman has one over-riding theme, that a plant based nutritionally excellent diet can lead to longer and healthier lives, so I am not going to touch on that very much if it gets too intense. These notes are for my own reference for specific points so I can refer back to them, but they may be of use to others. For maximum benefit, listen to the broadcast.

1st 5 mins:
The major cause of disability in life is the loss of lean muscle mass. Sarcopenia is muscle loss. It leads to Osteoporosis. There is no medical cure for osteoporosis but you can cure sarcopenia by exercise, which of course doctors cannot sell. No one has heard of sarcopenia (it's not in my spellchecker, but osteoporosis is). Exercise costs nothing. Sorting out sarcopenia will prevent and reverse osteoporosis.

nearly 7 mins:
Cancer has a 40/50 year time lag. 1st part of life avoid cancer, 75-100+ do anti frailty stuff.

after 8 mins:
His guest is going to be Steve Reis, slow exercise guy. Muscle regeneration is possible, and this can be reversed. Steve will explain how.

about 14 mins onward
Steve Reis comes on. He prefers working with mature people because they don't go on about their 6 packs and their pecs etc. People 65 > 80 > 100 years in nursing homes because they are immobile, it shouldn't be like that.

Strength exercise important, stimulus must be high, work really hard. Forget dancing and stuff like that. OK for heart etc, but won't sort out loss of muscle mass.

Fuhrman: Loss of this tissue will screw up the whole body.

Reis: Biomarkers, 1992. Evans and Rosenburg coined the term sarcopenia. Reis agrees with Fuhrman on above.

Reis: My Clinic sees 300 people a week, you don't need specialist equipment, can be found at YMCAs and Wayne Westcott there knows his stuff regarding ageing population

20 minutes:
Main points, slow movement, heavy weight, adequate time between workouts.

8-12 reps, 8-12 seconds on each movement. Objectives are to fatigue the muscle and stimulate the growth mechanism.

24 mins:
Once a week is enough for the strength exercises, wheeee!!!

25 mins commercial break

I just looked up Steve Reis

28 mins first caller, Lily.
Vibration machine. Fuhrman doubts the stats, go for a quality one for best results. Reis just thinks the exercises are enough. Wonders who funds these tests on vibration plate.

31 mins Bruce from CA
Belly fat bad. Bowflex, Nordic track.


Fuhrman: Belly fat bad, dangerous.
Reis, yeah that equipment is OK.

36 minutes:
Reis and Fuhrman describe the super slow chair exercise, ideal for frail people, but he encourages all listeners to try it. 10 - 15 reps, 2 mins, one leg options.
Other exercises described. As you get stronger look for a local facility. Emphasis at "super slow" People in the gym will think you are crazy.

41 mins, commercial break.

Found Steve Reis on Linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/pub/4/a29/8a7

43 mins Fuhrman talking, reminds people sarcopenia, right type of exercise is ESSENTIAL

44 mins Steve from Indianapolis (age 57)
Query about super slow exercises. He does Eat to Live (ETL) as well. Reis - ETL and strength exercise is a "perfect combination, we have found" (I start gym strength exercises in a few days time, maybe I will only do this once a week, we shall see).

47 mins summary
90 year olds can be like 60 year olds
IMPORTANT: ETL / Nutritional excellence - he says ETL may be a bit to strong for intense training, if weight loss is not desired, so can increase seeds and nuts. Sunflower, sesame seeds (like steak), flax seeds, high in protein. Green veg, nuts. seeds, beans. All important. Don't use animal stuff as the major source of protein. You don't need animal protein at all. Use the full plant kingdom to our maximum advantage (Fuhrman).

51 mins
Some recipe suggestions for soup etc.

52 mins
Brazil nuts high in selenium. Make a giant pot of soup every week.

53 mins important:
Nutrient absorption falls as you get older, so use a blender to help reduce fibre size so absorption in digestive tract increases.

54 mins
Reis agrees, show draws to a close

55 mins, end.

Other links
lots of articles by Wayne Westcott who Steve Reis refers to. They look interesting, but no time to read.


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