I can understand frustation by mariposa azul .....

...on fasting

Date:   3/1/2009 7:39:30 AM ( 13 y ago)

So I am on day 5 of my fast...
Yesterday was a rough one for me. I felt very weak & tired.
My menstrual cycle began & I also took a hot bath, and right after I started to feel even worse. So I just laid around and tried to take it easy.

From doing a bit more research on fasting, I can understand why some people who fast properly & are doing it for health reasons get frustated with the ones that don't. I've peeked at some fasting forums & I can understand their frustation.
One really does have to do research on fasting & also do it for the right reasons...not just a quick & temporary fix for weight loss.

In my heart & mind I can be doing this fast for the "right" reasons, but I am not following a "true" fast.
For example, I am drinking coffe with some some half&half.
Coffee & dairy are a complete no-no for true water fasting.
can I really detox by drinking coffee?? no.
I think what I am doing is not the "right" way to fast, but it is helping me. We all have just to be tolerant and love one another.
If one is suffering through any type of food addiction it is better to help by providing good info as opposed to criticism.

Just food for thought.


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