The Needing and Wanting by mariposa azul ..... report good news

Date:   2/24/2009 2:46:33 PM ( 13 y ago)

...but I have nothing but bad news.
Nothing but my head down the toilet again.
I have to say that although I am disappointed, I am not dwelling on it. I just have to look forward and know that if I am capable of going for a month without the binge/purge cycle....I can do it longer.
I am sad, but not without hope...just disappointed.

So! I will not dwell on it for one more second!
Here is my plan...
So the lent season begins tomorrow...and so does my plan.
Heck, if I can't do it for God....Oh, boy, I fear that punishment from above.
Forgive...I had an old-school catholic upbringing. God, bless my momma! but I still feel scarred for all the punishments my siblings & I had to endure for fear of the wrath of God.
We all laugh about it now, yet one thing it has now helped me understand is that God is love, and He has bestowed upon us the gift of free-will. Yet, we still have to do right by him.
SO......not to go off a tangent about religion or what I believe, I will bring it back to my starting plan for tomorrow & ending on Easter:

1. I will be fasting for lent season.
2. That means no soda or coffee. (i know that water is done for a proper fast...but I feel ok to make my own exceptions. I am still double thinking my coffee...
with my schedule, with the kids, just seems that giving that up is a bit extreme for me. so you know what? I think I will keep my coffee option open.
3. I will allow myself 2-4 social eating passes during lent. But there can be no soda, sweets, alcohol(?) consumed.

That is what I am committing to today.


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