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Day 2 of my complete water fast

Date:   2/9/2009 3:24:13 PM ( 13 y ago)


Today is my 2nd day on my complete water fast. I know that this is happening a little bit early. I usually do a water fast around the Lenten Season and I am about 18 days early, but no matter. I am not a practicing Catholic anymore, but it is the only thing that has remained with me is practicing giving something up for Lent.

Are you surprised, I gave up eating for Lent? LOL. My mother would have a fit if she knew I have done more then once for the Lenten Season. The amazing thing is it didn't kill me, and it only made me a better person both physically, mentally and emotionally.

I am starting my water fast early this year because I have a couple things going on in my life, which fasting will really help with so I am not going to wait until February 25. And as well, as my body urged me to fast, and I am in a good transition as it wasn't something I had to throw myself into and fret about. Yesterday was just a day, that for some reason, my body wasn't hungry and I was able to go the whole day without eating. I was tired after a big day yesterday at a friend's wedding, which I had a hard time eating as well, so my body was pushing me not to eat, but I did, because it is hard to explain to your friend, why you aren't eating at their wedding. I didn't eat much. I was thirsty yesterday and I drank about 40 ounces of water.

As of today, I have no urges to eat anything and I spent my lunch time praying at my old church. It was available and quiet and I spend about 45 minutes praying for peace for my dear friend of mine who is having a hard time in life, as well, I prayed a bit regarding myself.

I woke up this morning around 5:45 a.m. after a good night's rest so I believe that is going to help with this fast. I am only working one job now, so I will be able to take it easy during those “weak” days I will have during my water fast.

I have drank about 30 ounces of water today, no counting the water I drank very early this morning before I got up out of bed.

I am hoping to do a complete water fast, which means I will not begin re-feeding my body until I have hunger pains. I haven't figured out what I will re-feed on quite yet, but during the fast, I will focus on what my first item of food will be other then water. I am sure I will break my fast with something like freshly squeezed orange juice and go with just juiced mixed fruits and veggies until my body has gotten used to having that in my system. It will all depend on how long the complete water fast will be.

I am already focusing on various things that I will be doing during my fast, because I will not be eating, so I have to fill up my non-eating time with various projects. I have set up various things that I will accomplish during a weeks time so I don't become too couch potatoish.

I do know I will be praying and focusing on God during this time, as well as try to keep a hand written diary as well as an online blog here as well. Here are the following things I wish to accomplish or do during my complete water fast:

1.Read my Bible everyday.

2.Focus on friends and family's needs when I pray.

3.Walk daily, even if it is just for a half an hour.

4.Clean out all my cabinets and freeze of junk food and give to my friends to eat.

5.Look up and print good and health recipes I can use after my fast.

6.Read the couple fasting books that I own.

I pulled my scale out this morning and weighted myself so I could document it for my fast. I don't follow my weight much until my pants start fitting a bit tight or something. I am 126 pounds at the moment, and I know I am liking to lose about 10 of that just in about 2 or 3 days due to my body eliminating what is left over in my body.

The one thing I am not looking forward to is the detoxing, because it usually manifests itself on the skin on my back and it is embarrassing for me to know my back looks so horrible during detoxing. I am just glad it isn't bathing suit season.

Right now I am day two and there is nothing major to document, just that I am not hungry and the biggest day will be tomorrow and Wednesday, where the hunger urges might pop up. I will just drown them with water if I have them. :o)


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