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mind set is everything

Date:   1/28/2009 9:25:36 PM ( 13 y ago)

I was able to clear my mind & thought of that dark place I would be in after a purge.
I don't want to be there again.
That thinking kept me from making the mistake of going through with my binge/purge temptation.
I am proud. Proud & also being gentle with myself, as a friend here has suggested.
Thanks again Ms. M! God has truly blessed me with your kind words.

So my current weight as of this morning: 138.5Lbs
Amount of days I've binged/purged: 0
can i write that one more time?!: 0

So i've lost approx. 10 Lbs in approx. ten days. I realize that most of it is water weight...so I hope that my resolve stays as strong when the pounds start coming off slowly. Being aware is one thing, but living it is quite different.

I'm just listening to my husband getting some cereal to eat...wow!
Just eating/chomping happily away. My poor baby....and to think he has no clue.
But one day I plan to tell him. It will make him sad for me, I think.
But by then I plan to be strong to comfort him and tell him "it's okay"
But it's not that time yet.


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