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I decided to begin a dry fast. This is the intro before the first day.

Date:   1/15/2009 1:31:45 AM ( 14 y ago)

After many years of experimentation, it is time again for another fast. I decided to start a blog for this one, since my recent fasts have been getting much more interesting results than previously.

Today I made the decision to start a fast. After experimenting with a few fruits and some toast, I decided instead to restart a long fast that I was planning previously. I have much more strength now after the last fast, only further convincing me that physical strength has more to do with diet than exercise.

I expect similar detox symptoms during this fast. The expellation of materials through the skin (which I believe to be excess minerals) and muscle pain seem to be the most common symptoms. Previously fasts have greatly improved my problem of excessive mucus. Fasting has yet to improve old scars or discolered spots on the skin, although it has greatly improved skin color and tone.

January 15, 2009 shall be the first official day of my fast. For this morning everything is well. I am not tired nor did I sleep before I am about to go to work. This is probably a side effect of my recent fast, as I tend not to sleep much when fasting.

I choose dry fasting because it seems more effective if the proper breathwork methods are used. If I have doubts about the fast, I will most likely break the fast with orange juice.


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