Day 3 by Now_Or_Never .....

Day 3 of my water fasting journey!

Date:   12/31/2008 6:16:20 AM ( 13 y ago)

This was my post on the fasting for weight loss forums.....

Today is day 3 for me, doing well just very tired. Going to get as much rest as i can while i have the house to myself. My son and daughter both stayed the night with friends, and I do not pick them back up until 3 this afternoon. Hubby is working a 10 hour day today, so he will not be home until around 6 tonight. So its just me and my pups.

I started my new years fast a little early, because i wanted to make sure i was under 200 pounds by Jan 1st 2009, I just could not bare to start another year over weight. My last fast i was down to around 170 pounds, but I fell back into old habits and gained most of it back :( But its a far cry from where i was over a year ago, 250+ pounds... So making progress, its just a matter of keeping the good eating habits in check, and changing my lifestyle for good, and not just for a minute.

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Years Eve!

*** Not much to add to that, just tired, want to rest. I did check my ketostix today, and i am in the light to moderate stages. No white tongue yet. Still feeling a little physical hunger, but not as bas as yesterday. Not sleeping to well, woke at about 3:15 am this morning. I normally get up around 4am to help hubby prepare for work, but I beat him to the punch today. Hubby says he can already see my face slimming back down, and i am very glad for that! I always gain weight and lose weight in my face first.

Off into another day, take care!


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