night of day 2....uffff it hurts by clr0717 .....

day 2 night report

Date:   12/7/2008 6:46:23 PM ( 13 y ago)

ok, along with my BK whopper (which has magically converted into a triple whopper with bacon) i want french fries and kraft maccaroni and cheese with a cut up hot dog. Yep. I'm a little scared that if I finish this the first thing i will do is go out and eat everything i can find that is unhealthy. I'm also craving pasta with a butter garlic sauce......


Im so nauseated, I havent even been able to drink my two liters of water today, even water makes me wanna throw up. Just made it to 1 liter. The inspirational wall paper i talked about isnt helping. I just want to french fry the fat lady and serve her with some avocado spread.

ok, im reaching the point of self disgust.

maybe tomorrow will be a better day!!!!!!!!!!! (praying)


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