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A free Internet Interactive Self-Diagnosis Website Form (IISD) would probably be a great boon to public health, if it were developed to be thorough and accurate, because it could provide people free and accurate self-diagnosis. My opinion is that such a tool will be developed by someone soon, but the question is by whom? Us or Them?

Date:   11/18/2008 8:05:23 PM ( 14 y ago)

Hio. (Email LKINDR@yahoo.com )
- I've been working on setting up a free school online, called Golden Eagle Friends School, named after the town I'm in, Golden Eagle, IL. Courses I'm planning are Natural Diet & Healthcare, Permaculture & Organic Growing, Alternative Technology, Progressive Philosophy etc.

- A client health survey I was working on recently gave me the idea that an Internet Interactive Self-Diagnosis Website Form (IISD) would probably be a great boon to public health, if it were developed to be thorough and accurate.
- I made a form about it here:

- Here are my initial thoughts on how it could work.

- IISD Idea Analysis
- Client enters IISD webpage; (Diagnostic technology, especially thermography, could be available for the client to assist self-diagnosis - Thermography and normal visual recordings could be done via Webcams)
- Webpage asks client (by text and by voice) on multiple-choice form:
-1 What's wrong? Do you have emergency, injury, pain, difficulty, discomfort, concern, emotion?
-2 Where? (PDList = Page displays List for client to check) head area, trunk, limb/s
-3 What part? (PDList) surface, inside, upper, lower, front, back, side, top, bottom
-4 What kind? (PDList posbl kinds)
-5 Do you know or suspect what the cause is? (PDList posbl causes)
-6 Have you had similar problem before? How long ago? (PDList times)
-7 Have you been taking any treatment/s lately or previously? (PDList posbl treatments)
-8 How's your diet & lifestyle? (PDList both posbls)
-9 Do any of these diagnoses seem likely? (PDList posbl diagnoses in order of probability) (Note: these would be in the software)
-10 Why does this or these diagnoses seem likely? (PDList posbl reasons)
-11 Which of these treatment options are you willing to try? (PDList posbl treatments in order of greatest probable effectiveness - plus posbl sources and prices for each treatment option)
-12 (If best option is not chosen by client, Webpage asks) Why do you not choose option 1? (PDList posbl reasons)
-13 Which of these changes to option 1 would convince you to try it? (PDList posbl changes)
-14 What other problems would you like help with? (PDList posbl other problems, returning to Step 1)
-15 (If there are no more problems reported, Webpage says) Please return if any problems arise, or you may return in about one month (or any time) to check your progress.

- The benefits of successfully creating IISD would be:
1. no-cost to the public for the best personalized health info
2. convenience
3. quickness & less waste of time to clients & healthcare people
4. increased public health
5. greater public health knowledge
6. better means of training for healthcare students

- To accomplish this IISD goal quickly, and make it available to the public for free online, several teams of people, each working on different health topics, can collaborate to come up with the best info on causes, remedies, stats etc for each health condition. Much such info is already available, but not so much on natural remedies.
- IISD Tasks would be:
* 1. helping plan & organize the project or a team
* 2. finding people for the project or team
* 3. researching
* 4. editing
* 5. software tweaking
* 6. website making
* 7. website promoting
* 8. fund-raising (only if needed)
- IISD Teams would work on:
* 1. brain & nervous system
* 2. lungs & respiratory system
* 3. digestive system
* 4. circulatory & endocrine system
* 5. lymph & immune system
* 6. urinary system
* 7. reproductive system
* 8. musculo-skeletal system
- Here's the sign-up form again:

- I'll suggest that Golden Eagle Friends School Natural Healthcare students get involved in this project as part of their education.


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