Master Cleanse Day 1 by sikva .....

Why I am starting the cleanse and my experience for Day 1.

Date:   11/3/2008 9:52:03 AM ( 14 y ago)

It is officially the morning of day 2. I decided to start a blog to document my experience and results. I have enjoyed reading other peoples experiences so hopefully mine will help someone too. In all honesty I really decided to try this for a quick weight loss fix but after lots of research on the cleanse- I am more excited about the detox part and hopefully new energy and a better way of life and losing a few pounds wouldn't hurt.

Day 1 - I started the night before with the laxative tea. When I woke up I made the salt water flush which I will admit I could not stomach. I had read that you could substitute the flush with another cup of laxative tea which isn't as effective but still works. So I made my jug of lemonade. It was okay. Every time I wanted to eat something I drank lemonade. I think the hardest part is just being around food. When ever I made something to eat for my kids - I was tempted to put something in my mouth even though I wasn't hungry. I did have a few uncomfortable bathroom moments but for the most part the day wasn't too bad. I ended the day with a cup of laxative tea.

Starting weight- 133 pounds


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