Before the Big Day by fruity .....

My prefast reasons to go ahead with the long term fasting.

Date:   11/2/2008 10:41:17 PM ( 13 y ago)

I am very excited to try staying on a juice/water fast for more than 14 days! I have great experiences with my past fasts, but feel like I need to do it for longer than two weeks. I recently did a practice fast of ten days and regret not going longer..even though I could have. I will try to post here everyday to keep myself going!


-Lose weight
-Get back on track with raw foods
-Stop getting random spots on my face
-Feel better
-Jumpstart my fitness routine

I weigh about 145 and will not be weighing WHATSOEVER :) until the end. For some reason, whenever I fast and see the numbers getting low, I get too opposite of everyone else. Instead of being encouraged, I just say to myself how easy it was to lose weight so I can eat now..ugh

Let's see where this journey takes me. Hopefully I will start tomorrow.


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