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Date:   11/1/2008 4:12:21 PM ( 13 y ago)

I've decided to do a 3 week juicing fast not only to lose weight but primarily because I'm 25 years old and I feel much much older and have felt that way for a long time. I have had really bad digestive problems for years, like chronic constipation, acid reflux, indegestion/heartburn etc. I've also suffered from anxiety, depression, mood swings, etc for most of my life. I always feel exhausted and restless at the same time and have been having a harder and harder time enjoying life.

I have been somewhat overweight my whole life, but it wasn't until highschool after being put on anti-depressants that I began to have bad weight problems. I got over 200 pounds and feel like I'm constantly on some kind of diet to try to control my weight. I managed to lose about 50 pounds in a short amount of time doing things like the Atkins diet, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, etc. At least half, sometimes all of the weight always comes back. If I do the "eat whatever and whenever I feel like it" diet my weight will skyrocket rapidly. In fact, I've been on that diet for 6 months and have already gained 20 pounds. I don't eat that much, I am as health conscious as I can be but I hate to cook and depend on pre-packaged food and the microwave. Every now and then I binge but most of the time I don't eat nearly as much or as poorly as I think most American's eat. Still, I can never manage to keep my weight steady without being on a strict regimen of calorie management.

However, for pretty much my whole life up until a few years ago when I began educating myself, my diet was aweful! Really sad, actually! I hated fruits and vegetables (still do, really) and rarely ate them. I ate mostly white bread, drank a ton of soda, and ate out at chinese and fast food restaurants all the time. I never resisted a baked goody. During Junior High I was drinking about 4 16oz bottles of Mountain Dew a day. Sometimes more! For lunch I would eat nothing but things like breadsticks from Pizza Hut, a candy bar, and Mt. Dew. My mother was a vegetarian health nut who is a wonderful cook and would make the most fabulous ethnic vegetarian gourmet dishes but couldn't get me to eat them for the life of her.

Until just a few months ago I had been suffering from really bad acne. It got worse and worse until it was almost completely covering the lower half of my face. I tried all of the popular acne face washes, creams, ointments, etc. I went to a dermatoligist who gave me creams and anti-biotics, some of which I was allergic to. All of these things just made it worse. I was desperate and wouldn't give up and would search endlessly online for answers. I started reading about detoxing, juicing, and fasting and how it could relieve some of these symptoms. I did a raw vegan detox diet for a month and never felt better in my whole life! And to my astonishment, my acne very quickly started to diminish until it was gone! It has been mostly gone for months! I do get the occasional breakout but they're gone in a day or two when it used to take at least a week! I couldn't believe it!

So that's why I'm doing this fast. I am a 5'6" female and currently 180 pounds. I'm hoping to be 159 pounds by the time this is over. I am using the Martha Vineyard Detox diet as a guide which means I'll be taking an herbal colon cleanser, drinking anti-oxidant berry drinks, green drinks, fresh organic vegetable juice and soups, and doing things like getting colonics, brushing my skin, going for walks an hour a day, taking hot/cold showers, sitting in saunas, etc etc. My boyfriend is doing this with me so I will have that support.

I know it's going to be hard. I just had my first vegetable juice and couldn't stand the taste! I knew I wouldn't. I washed the vegetables very thoroughly but there is still that heavy taste of dirt. That dirt taste is the reason I never liked vegetables in the first place. But I plugged my nose and choked it down. It's going to be really hard having to do this while at work but I'm determined to get through it.

I'm hoping this will get me used to the taste of vegetables and cure me of my cravings for carbs, sweets, salt, etc. so I may continue to eat healthy afterwards without too much effort. We'll see how it goes!


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