Another Day Down, Day 9 by fasting2goal .....

Day 9

Date:   9/29/2008 9:39:20 PM ( 14 y ago)

Well today i think I worried my hubby when I stumbled and fell against the wall....

He said if it does not get better in one week, he demands i end my fast, hmmph.

I will admit, the last few days have been rough, like i posted before, the fatigue, dizziness, and such are rough. I get winded easy, and my pulse has been in the 100 to 130 range. Blood pressure is fine though.

I have faith this will get easier, it has to!! I want so much to finish this fast! I blame myself for not taking it easy, but being a mom of two, and running a house, and taking care of dinners, chores, and errands, i cant really just lay in bed 24/7!!

Anyway, onward!


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