Day 13 water fast by clynnlove .....

Day 13 water fast

Date:   9/28/2008 8:40:30 AM ( 14 y ago)

Well, day 13 was okay. No real headaches. I woke up in the morn and got this bad pain in the middle of my lower legs, on my burned. When I looked I thought I just had creases from where my legs were laying during the night, but an hour later I realized the were rashes....a line across my legs on the same place for both...odd. They were gone by the end of the day. Eyes were still a little red, but not as bad, and the lessened ans the day went on. Also noticed a few bumps on my arm that weren't there before. I did some cleaning in the am, then slept & relaxed for the rest of the day...and slept good during the night!
Weight still the same...lighter in the morning, heavier in the eve.


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