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Decided to cleanse! Three days that changed my life...

Date:   8/30/2008 11:51:45 AM ( 13 y ago)

I didn't care, if I had cancer or not. Didn't want to wonder: how many months, weeks, days... No need for a DEATH VERDICT over my head. Actually, the first person I have contacted was that psychic woman, who first told me to get tested! She had sensed it, so it was logical that she might also have a way cure! She told me a simple recipe for health: CLEANSE!
- This is what we do in Ukraine - she explained. - My people don't have money to get ill!
Enema! Fasting. Beatroot juice. Olive oil drink! Lemon squeeze! It all tasted so awful, disgusting. And - no idea why I was doing it. But - the choice was simple: this or the hospital. There was NO CHOICE!
I spent three days fasting and cleansing my inner self. My inner ZOO! Vomiting. Running back and forth to the toilet. Feeling dizzy. Emotions coming out of me - from niceness to anger, from hopelessness to craziness... I felt cold, freezing. For most of the day - I have walked around the house wrapped in a blanket. And - in the evening - drinking the 'salad sos' - without the salad though!! Olive oil and lemon juice... Disgusting drink! I played STAR WARS Symphony in order not to hear my thoughts, when I was about to swallow... Afterwards, the enema...
First day - no idea why I was doing that. Second day - no idea. Frustration. The stench in the bathroom!
Third day - here you go - stones started to come out. In the morning! By the time I finished my three day fast - I gave birth to 16 stones! Felt so light. And - for the first time in my life - lost weight. The jeans on me became lose, my face cleared, the skin felt smooth. And my eyes - started to shine!
I was amazed. Surprised! Astonished. Intoxicated! WITH A SENSATIONAL FEELING of my NEW LIFE.
Felt like a new born butterfly - who just got out of the cocoon. Felt like a butterfly, who still thought she was a glow-warm. Barely moved the wings. Innocent, shy and - grateful to tears...
My taste buds have changed. I suddenly started to have a romance with fresh vegetables!
Sugar seemed way too sweet. Meat seemed dead. Veggies attracted me with their beam of life!
When thinking about my cancer, I remembered what our biology teacher used to say:
- If a lake has been polluted by a factory, it's enough that the factory stops emitting the pollution for three years and the lake will cleanse itself and revitalize - back to life. All we need - is to stop the cause.
I figured out I needed to do the same. It had taken me couple years to pollute my inner 'lake' - my body. So, I have decided to SHUT THE FACTORY IMMEDIATELY. My 'stop the cause' project involved a major kitchen clear. I opened the cupboards and started to read the labels - on every single product... I was shocked, when I have asked myself: 'Let's see... What have I been eating up to now!?!!' Ketchup - water, sugar, tomatoes, E.., E.., E... Mayonaise - eggs, sugar, dairy, E..., E..., E.... To my surprise, I quickly noticed that sugar and dairy has been added to every single product I stored in my kitchen. Not to mention the mysterious E... E... E...!! White flour, white bread, white pasta... Meat, cheese, cans, beds of frozen veggies. Threw it all out. Made a big Santa box, called friends - and gave it all away. Decided to go VEGGIE instead. I have decided to continue and see what happens... I gave myself four months. If I was to cure - it was enough time. I didn't actually focus on the disease. My poor ovaries were there and were going to stay. However - my body was more alive than ever!
Now - my liver worked better, the pancras - worked better... The cancer was about to die.
If it feeds on sugar, meat and dairy - it was going to DIE.
If it feeds on stress, depression and negativity - it was doomed to DIE.
Cause I have decided to live, to thrill, to enjoy. Watch out! YOU!
I am into a JOYFUL REVOLUTION. My life has just began!


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