Day 24 of Journal, Day 1 of water fast by cocodrilo .....

Up 3.6 lbs since eating on Saturday; new water fast with a goal of 189 lbs or less.

Date:   8/25/2008 1:58:15 PM ( 14 y ago)

Monday, August 25, 2008, Day 24 of Journal, Day 1 of water fast

a.m. weight, 201 lbs.

Began my water fast today. I gained 3.6 pounds since Saturday. After reviewing my journal, I realize I need to control my portions better even if it is low in calories. The salad I ate yesterday was enough for two. I did eat more chicken soup than necessary. The difference between this week and last week is I am only 3.6 pounds from my previous low when starting my water fast versus the previous week where I was 10 lbs from my previous low.

I am confident I can reach 188 or 189 lbs by Friday. Starting a new water fast just two days after ending my last one in my mind make things easier. The experience of last week is fresh in my mind and the prospect of falling below 190 lbs. would be a fantastic goal to reach and provides the internal motivation need to stick with the fast.


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