Day 22 of Journal, Day 6 of water fast by cocodrilo .....

Reached 197.4 lbs.; broke water fast at the end of the 6th day.

Date:   8/25/2008 2:38:57 AM ( 14 y ago)

Saturday, August 23, 2008, Day 6 of water fast

a.m. Weight 197.4, 13.6 pounds since Monday

weight 197.4
waist 39.25 in.
stomach 40.5 in.
chest 44 in.
arms 14.25 in.
thighs 21.5 in.
calves 13.75 in.
neck 16 in.

Loss to date
35.6 lbs
waist 4.75 inches
stomach 7.5 inches
chest 4.0 inches
arms .75 inches
thighs 5.5 inches
arms 1.0 inches
calves 1.25inches
neck 1.5 inches

I had a good nights rest. I am very happy with progress made in the last 6 days. Today we had our airconditioner replaced in our home so I spent most of the day hanging around the making sure the work gets done right. I went up into the attic to work on a secondary unit during the middle of the day when the temperature outside was about 94 degrees and the humidity was hovering around 70%. After about an hour up there I had to come down and take a break because I knew I had reached my physical limit. I think I made it just in time. I drank two glasses of orange juice rather quickly because I began to feel extremely weak and lightheaded followed by a quart of water. About two hours later I decided it was time to eat some solid food. I ate 4 chicken tamales. They were delicious. Two hours later I took my wife to work out but on the way we stop at Pei Wei and order a vegatable stir fry. It was divine. We waited about 45 minutes before we headed to the gym. Since I ate and was feeling fueled, I decided to do some lifting. I did a 45 circuit training session working my chest, shoulder, lats, biceps, triceps, and legs. I then did a 20 minute light cardio followed by a 20 minute sauna.

I plan to eat tomorrow and then begin another water fast on monday.

Overall, I am really happy I reached six days. I would have liked to have reached my goal of seven days, but I am not going to beat myself up over it. Six days is 4 days longer than my previous water fast. In retropect, it didn't seem to be very difficult. Sure there were times when had a few hunger pangs and quiet a few times I wanted to eat just because was having cravings, nevertheless, I am proud of myself for hanging tough six days without solid food. I never felt my body was in distress until today while I was working in the attic in hot weather. Had I not gone up there I am sure I would have lasted through tomorrow and beyond.

Tomorrow is a new day and an opportunity to set a new goal.


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