Day 2 by casablanca .....

Every day is an accomplishment

Date:   8/19/2008 4:53:47 PM ( 14 y ago)

Yeay! every day I don't break my fast is a big accomplishment! I had a fruit juice this morning, then a smoothie for lunch and veggie juice at night.
I know i said I wouldn't have anymore smoothie, but to be honest, it is very difficult for me to go straight from the diet I was on (crazy binging SAD)to juicing. So I am leaving the smoothies in, until I feel that my stomach has shrunk. I read somewhere that it takes about 5 days for the stomach to shrink (which explains that for me the first 5 days are the most difficult)
Other than that, I walked my dog this morning and did some housework, going up and down the stairs several times with a load, so I did get some kind of exercise.
I meditated this morning.
I must increase my water intake. I brewed some green tea, added agave nectar (natural sweetner) and left it in the fridge. I will drink that tomorrow, since I have a hard time incorporating water at this point. That's all for now!


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