day 6- 8:45am by cheese rita .....

i am not this body. i have a body but this body is not who i am. i am not these thoughts. i have thoughts but these thoughts are not who i am. i am not these feelings. i have feelings but these feelings are not who i am.

Date:   8/19/2008 10:46:51 AM ( 15 y ago)

am weight- 196 (lost 11 pounds)

i had a pretty productive day yesterday. i cleaned out my bedroom, and nothing feels better than just throwing away crap. at dinner time i had the very strong thought, "i'm home alone, on day 5, and i'm ending this soon why don't i just make some veggie soup right now". but it passed. i woke up again at 4am with horrible cramping and was up for about an hour and a half. that sucked. my eyes are also burning really bad, but i just realized it's from rubbing them while they have lemon oil on them. so i can't complain.

i have a busy day (it's relative) today. i have an appointment that will take me 45 minutes by train to get to and 2 hours after that gets out i have a dentist appointment. its going to be hard to fill 2 hours in the city during lunch time and not eat. but i plan on stopping in at a peets coffee and getting a peppermint tea as a treat. so i just made 2 drinks to take with me. i have to fast for my first appointment, which i laughed when they told me, so no drinks this morning and i'm not doing the salt water flush. i'm going to ready to drink by 12, i'm sure.


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