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DAY 2 of Water Fast!

Date:   8/7/2008 11:39:50 PM ( 15 y ago)

So today I am starting my blog. I am on day two (Well it's 9:30pm right now) on my water fast. I am trying to go 10 days, then 21. I weighed 180 on the night before Day 1.

The day before day 1 I ate a snickers, bowl of cereal and had half cup of coffee. Not the best, esp when they say to do the raw veggie thing and juice before hand. But I don't like to obey the rules. ;-p

As of this morning, I was at 175. I have a habit of fluctuating between 185 and 177 and any given time. Ideally I would love to get down to 130, then I can eat and gain and get to 145. I have a curvy figure, which I would love to keep, but I need to get this weight starting to burn.

Anyway, I am at work (I work 2nd shift) and I am trying to distract myself so I wont eat. Today the hunger pains have come and gone. But for the past hour they have been around an 8(from 1-10 10 being worst). My head is foggy and I have a headache. Also my throat feels sorta swollen. Oh yeah I have been chewing gum. And that's because I can't use mouthwash every 1/2 hour and I have a nasty taste in my mouth.

So thats day one. I can't wait for the feeling good part to kick in! (I did MC for 7 days and after day 3 I felt good...)


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