Day 2 of Journal, Day 2 of juice fast by cocodrilo .....

Lost 3 lbs. in one day. Juice fasting supercharged my weight loss.

Date:   8/6/2008 11:51:30 PM ( 14 y ago)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weight 212; total loss 21 lbs.

I hit a new low this morning. I couldn't believe eyes. 3.2 pounds in one day. Water weight or not, 3.2 pounds is 3.2 pounds. I don't know if the rooibos tea had anything to do with it. I know I only must of consumed less than 400 calories yesterday, so with my workout I was probably -2,500 calories. That's about 3/4 of pound in body fat/muscle.

I want to buy some oolong tea. I read some the benefits. Seems to work well for
weight loss. My plan is to drink oolong tea in the mornings, fruit drink around
noon, vegatable juice in evening and rooibos at night before bed. I did notice I had a very restful night of sleep.

I went to the gym this morning becaue I was excited about my 1 day weight loss. I
started with 30 dry sauna followed by 1 hour of cardio and then finished up with 25
minutes of dry sauna. I weighed myself before going into the sauna and weighed
210 lbs. I know most of the 5 lbs. is water but it feels great to see the scale go the either way for a change. During my work out I sipped on Rooibos tea. When I came home I made a pear/apple/carrot/spinach/kale/banana/blueberry/strawberry drink. Everyone like it, so I made enough for everyone. I had to add a bit of splenda to ease the ferminted taste of the blueberry/strawberries that had began to oxidize.

I am going to take a nap for awhile in order to my body to recover. When I wake up, I will make some oolong tea and take my wife the spa. I am going to take it easy. Only going to do some light cardio and some steam room. I hope to break the 210 barrier today.

After my nap I weighed 208.8. Wow. Amazing. My wife had made cantaloupe juice
so I filled up my cup and headed to the gym with her. My first double since starting to my weight reduction plan. We did 25 minutes in the sauna followed by 20 minutes on the bike and 40 minutes on the eliptical. We finished with 20 minutes in the sauna. I drank a bunch of water during my workout and suana sessions. I was beat. I came home and showed using my organic shampoo I had just bought. I really like how it smelled and left my hair. I also bought some organic toothpaste. It tasted fine. I glad it does not have all the chemicals regular toothpaste has. Made some rooibos tea before I went to bed. Went to bed around 1:00 p.m.


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