Bleeding Pineapples, :/. by doopie .....

Another day on this pineapple/master cleanse fast.

Date:   7/11/2008 8:32:49 PM ( 13 y ago)

So apparently eating too much pineapple makes your tongue bleed... :/.

(I managed to eat half of one.)

Yes, I felt a burning sensation but I wouldn't have thought that I'd have a bleeding tongue!

This is my fourth day, I believe. My working schedule (third shift) is making it a little confusing date-wise.

As far as the congestion, it is about the same -- it's better, but no where near I want to be. At least, I don't believe so...? Hmmm.

I keep noticing when I wake up I have to hack this yellow phlegm out. I'm not so congested anymore to point where I can actually FEEL the post nasal drip, it's crazy. But I spit out as much as possible, whenever I have the opportunity. It makes my breath smell stinky, :(.

Beside that...

Making a couple cups of lemonade before work, and taking a swig of apple juice for the malic acid.

I took a 15 billion count pro-biotic today. I don't know if I should have done that...

Also, I had some peppermint tea today. It was great.


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