Day-2 Ends by waffleswaffleswaffleswaffles .....

Day two ends with the test of others talking and describing food.

Date:   7/9/2008 10:55:19 PM ( 13 y ago)

In my office people decided to talk about food. Of all days and location they parked right next to my cubicle and spoke about plastic cheese and their favorite chili dog. I don't want to think about food when fasting. I might miss food and begin to worry I might never taste it again.

I don't feel hungry but I am rather good at telling myself just another day of food and then we can fast. I don't want this to be my trend I want be stronger.

Day Two is three hours to being over. When I came home around 3ish, I stat in bed watching a show about the Grand Canyon. I fell asleep within fifteen minutes of the show and woke up around 8ish. I still feel tired and a little overheated, my apartment is very warm.

I am going to take a shower after this post and go back to bed. My mind and eyes still feel like shutting down for a few more hours.

Regarding hygiene I am taking a natural approach to how I care for my body. I believe what one puts in it is just as important as what one puts on it.

To clean my teeth I use benzoyl peroxide to wash my mouth. I just sip some and swish it and then spit. I then follow with a light brushing of the teeth to discard any buildup.

To wash my skin I use simple handmade soap for just under my arms and anywhere I might stink. I then follow with a sugar, salt or coffee scrub to clean and moisturize the rest of my body. The scrub has done a great job stimulating my skin without it being too harsh and drying. I believe it is a lot like skin brushing.

I only wash my hair a few times a week with salt, tea or baking soda wash. I follow then with apple cider vinegar wash.

My face I either use baking soda with benzoyl peroxide or I use OCM to wash my face. I then follow any wash with apple cider vinegar for a toner.

And that is my beauty regimen at this time.


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