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Eating what I want for weight loss

Date:   7/1/2008 5:57:27 PM ( 14 y ago)

I tried the water fast and lost 15lbs in 4 days.

What was bad about it was the way it made me feel and the way it jacked up my bodyfat percentage.

I don't mind the weight loss, but I did not like the fact that my bodyfat rose over 1 percent.

I do know that the aches and pains were supposedly due to the detoxification process.

Anyway, I started my water fast at 17.5% bodyfat and ended a little over 18.5%.

After reading and doing some hunt and peck research, I came to the understanding that I no longer want to be on a diet.

After further readings, I am now going to stick with the no deprivation- calories in vs. calories out diet.

This is my third day on such plan and below will be my results.

My starting weight was 176lbs.
My starting bf 18%
(clearly I had gained some weight back from my fast. This is something that many people find out the hard way when fasting for weight loss.)

Okay, so on day one, I had cereal and milk for breakfast (cocoa crispies), lunch was one and a half cheesy double beef burritos from taco bell and a 12oz can pepsi and dinner was a plate of corned beef and cabbage with white rice and a 12oz can of pepsi.

The supplements I take are 4 fat burners and a multi vitamin (Taken daily)
I do not know the calorie content of what this amounts to and I do not want to figure it out. I am trying to teach my body to eat when hungry and not to eat when bored or otherwise.

If I want a candy bar, I analyze if I really want it or if i'm just bored.
If I decide I really want the candy bar then I go and have it.
I am actually pretty good at this, but if you are new to trying it, it may take some time.

My workout consisted of going to the beach which probably is equivalent to 30m of cardio.

Day two consisted of a small portion of corned beef and cabbage with white rice and a pepsi for breakfast, a slice of pizza for lunch and lunchmeat with rice and corn with a pepsi for dinner. ( I am a soda junkie!)

My workout consisted of 55m of weightlifting where I worked out all the muscle groups of my upper body.

Day three so far consisted of a bowl of cereal with milk for breakfast (cocoa crispies) a fresh mango for snack and a small bowl of noodles with a pepsi and a chicken drumstick for lunch.

I weighed myself this morning and I was 174.5 at 17% bf.

One hour later I was 173.5 at 16% bodyfat and that is pretty much what I have been weighing in at consistently throughout the day.

Today I am going to do 30m of cardio and abs.

I want to see if I can hit 12% bodyfat and 160lbs by eating this way.

I notice that I am starting to crave fruits and veggies a little.
So now I will listen to my body and probably have a chicken salad with fresh tomato and some full flavored dressing.
I will not drown my salad.
Instead I will put a little and taste it. If it suffices I will leave it at that, If it does not than I will add more dressing without guilt.

My main goal in all of this is to lose bodyfat. I do believe to be 12% BF I will weigh around 160, so that is why I have chosen that weight.

SO far the secrets (for me at least...) are to

1. eat slowly
2. before you eat, think if you are really hungry or are eating for another reason
3. eat small ammounts, if you want more after you are done than by all means get some more (after evaluating secret number 2)

4. If you have a craving, decide if a healthier option will do instead.
If you believe you will feel neglected by choosing the healthier option, than indulge without guilt.

5. learn to listen to your body, it will tell you what nutrients it needs by its cravings and sometimes it craves high fat foods for a reason even if its just for a change of pace.

6. WORKOUT and be active

Keep in mind that I have no idea if this can and will work for you.

This plan is something that I have spent a few hours looking up on the net and came to the conclusion that it makes the most sense for me.
Otherwise, the only way I would be eating would be one of two ways.
1) Eating strict (Diet)
2) Cheating (Off the diet)
That doesn't sound like a lifetime plan to me.

If you are interested, there is a study done by Brigham Young University on this topic.
Also, Google "Eat what you want and lose weight."
I googled no diet and lose weight but the returns were not what I was looking for.


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