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self image observations

Date:   6/17/2008 8:51:09 AM ( 15 y ago)

167.7 for the third day in a row. I was lower before I went to bed last night.
Not sure what to do, sticking to protocol.
Is this just my body adjusting? I was four pounds lower a week ago. I don't think the liver flush could have caused this weight issue.
I am walking every day, but going to have to switch to indoor exercise. Too hot outside of late.
I have lost over thirty pounds in two months by the scale, and I am down a size and a half in clothes. But I don't see myself as thinner. People say things and I just perceive a person who still has 45 pounds to lose. Maybe it is because I got so heavy I couldn't even grasp how fat I was (or still am) but I am having a hard time with people noticing my loss.


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