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taking it easy

Date:   6/14/2008 12:54:15 PM ( 15 y ago)

165.8 yoyoed right back up two pounds.
I drank over a gallon of water yesterday, and a bowl of homemade chicken stock with my chicken and zucchini for dinner with two grissini. Went to sleep really early. Not really passing water yesterday or today much. I have downed over half a gallon this morning and not been in the loo. My liver keeps pinching me. I didn't pass any flukes, so that is a good thing. Staying fluke free!
I got up, took the doggie for a walk, drank a bunch of water, put away laundry, cooked a bowl of beef and onion soup. I was full of energy, but now midday I am wanting to go take a nap. Like by body wants to shut down after I gave it food. Liver flush takes some healing after, or inspires healing? I am just being gentle with myself. Made a pot of darjeeling with lemon.
Need to find some bones for bone broth today.


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