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32 inch waist now down from 39

Date:   6/11/2008 11:05:04 AM ( 15 y ago)

166.4 and my waist is now 32" even. Getting happier about that.

Prepping for a liver cleanse tomorrow night, so yesterday and today are apple days. Only ate one apple a day. Didn't want anything.
It will be about eight weeks since I started eating no real fat, I think my liver could use a flush. UGH. olive oil should not be drunk. But it works. I will take a mega dose of coQ10 tonight to kill anything that may need killing. Took nac, milk thistle and chlorella last night. Taking mega dose 3200mg c0q10 tonight. I always do to kill any flukes before a liver flush.

Yesterday was really odd. I was scattered and crunchy from the moment I got up. My weight was up a pound even yesterday morning for no discernible reason. Dropped two today. Whatever. I only managed to get one apple in at noon, was so busy. Then a horrible emotional late afternoon. Hormones, no fuel, tired. Bad combo. And my best friend was pushing my rejection buttons and that damnable thing in me that wants people to follow rules. Why do I even care? Cried for hours last night, which may have been cleansing in its own way. Gut memory was working and the grief was coming in waves.
I want so much to be healthy emotionally, relationally and physically. Don't want to neglect anything as I am getting this horrible fat off and correcting my endocrine issues.
Something has to be happening with my hypothalamus for me to be feeling the way I do and losing the weight like this.
Thank God for the hcg


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