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Date:   6/4/2008 8:43:08 AM ( 15 y ago)

Emotions are topsy turvy and I'm feeling angry pissed off and just plane old miserable. Am sleeping very well and getting up at 3.30am instead of my usual 4.15 alarm call. What's that about. Anyhow i'm waking up feeling fresh as a daisy and not sleepy at all. Did Erolls ab class this morning and it feel good to stretch and utilise muscles that Im' not used too. A week today and then it's over! not long left at all I may as well sit it through and keep on going. The time really has flown by and already it's midweek. Can't wait til Wednesday next week though really I can't. I'm getting bored of the lemonade and it's making me think not that again. But hey it's only a few days away and I know I can do it. Its amazing how the symtoms of overweight can effect you're entire self...I was feeling awful with all that access weight on me I really can't afford to get to that place again it's dreadful feeling. Knees acheing, stomach swelling, breast sore. Yuck!

So my whole concept of eating has to change, the binging has to stop, the over eating and eating after 6pm has to change. It's going to be no eating after 6pm and eating a diet of mainly raw food will be my transsition. I have set myself a new plan and that is to cleanse weekly two days Monday and Tuesdays and only have liquids after 6pm. I will have one meal a day a light meal and my heavyist meal will beon Sundays. After Antuigua I will go back on the lemonade for one week and then go begin my new healthy lifestyle. I really want to go back to the UK looking and feeling great! the greatest. And at an ideal weight of 155-60.



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