Day 16 by finding purpose .....

Time flies

Date:   6/3/2008 7:26:32 AM ( 15 y ago)

Days are going by quickly stomach is feeling flatish and I'm slowly getting back that feeling of feeling great. Infact I'm feeling good already. I have not weighed in cause everytime I jump on the scales it seems like it an't moving. Anyhow I will do a weigh in on day 21 as I'm going to 24days. Taking me to the day I fligh out to Antuigua. Yesterday I felt really full of emptyness and didn't feel like drinking the lemonade it really didn't seem apealing at all. I'm having a cup of hot water now and hoping to eliminate the wind. Anyway I'm feelig good and I an't giving in. I'm determind to have a healthier eating habit when this is finished coz I'm not going to fall back into the old habit of eating crap. I can just visulise all great light and healthy things to eat.!

Later for now



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