Day 11 by finding purpose .....

More smells

Date:   5/29/2008 7:08:09 AM ( 15 y ago)

I'm having all sorts of smells, fried fish, barbecued pig tails, I'm just smelling things that are not their. Signs of detox maybe, signs of what the body has been having over the last however long and now being removed.
Aunt flow has left and I'm feeling like the worst of my 25 days are over. Feeling much lighter and was able to do a good hour at the gym this morning. Looking forward to the weekend looking forward to the days flying by to reach day 25. Garage sale on Saturday need to get stock out today and tommorrow.
Dreamt all funny dreams last night odd.

I could do with a nice cup of green tea. I have to say the time has really gone quite quickly in a way. Almost half way!


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